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Hello all,

My wife and I are moving to South Carolina this fall where I will be attending the University of South Carolina. By then I will have an Associate degree in Computer Networking Technology and hopefully my Network+. Can anyone tell me how tech jobs in Greenville, SC are doing? Any job leads possibly?

I would appreciate any help :D


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    Greenville is about 200 miles/3 hours from me. However, I think the job market for IT is decent in Greenville considering the economy. Sorry I can't give you any direct leads.

    Good luck on your move, I came south from Iowa 5 years ago and really like it here.
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    I live in Greenville, but have only been here for a few months. I moved here for a job offer, so I didn't really have to go through the whole job search thing in this area. From what I have seen though the economy is pretty strong in this area. Greenville is not the largest IT market, but not the smallest either.
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    Thanks for the responses guys. If anyone else has any thoughts I would greatly appreciate it.
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