802.3 Or Ethernet II?!?!?!

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Which Ethernet is used now? 802.3 or Ethernet II? I believe its 802.3 since the IEEE who standardized it, right?

Both have the same frame with only one different field, with Ethernet II it's named type and with 802.3 it's named length. And I believe they r the same thing. Now every book i read doesn't clarify which one is used for today's networks, and the more confusing is that they want me to believe that we r using Ethernet II. They r stating for the type field :

802.3 uses a Length field, but the Ethernet frame uses a Type field to identify
the Network layer protocol. 802.3 cannot identify the upper-layer protocol and must be
used with a proprietary LAN, IPX...

Now how come that the 802.3 doesn't identify which network layer has to process the packet?!?!?!?! All of us know that we can bind IPX, IP and many other L3 protocols with the same NIC in the same time, so how come it doesn't identify?!?!

I do love to play some Man In The Middle, of course on my bro on the same Lan as me, and sometimes to packet analyze my own traffic and look at it with Wireshark, which it's a very handy tool for education, and I always find there Ethernet II better than 802.3 for the frame filed!?!? Thx in advance.......
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