New Job. (long and mostly boring post)

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Ohhhh. It's been a Long time since I have posted here. Anyway, I will be starting a new job in 2 weeks. Yeah!!!. A lot has happened, and I have gone through a lot to get to the job that I am really looking forward to.

My current job is Incredibly dull and unchallenging. It's basically a glorified help desk (sorry to the helpdesk people) but before this I was a Systems Admin / Network Admin guy. I had to change jobs as, at the time, my coworker was promoted. I didn't have a problem with this. The problem I had was the way it was done.

One day I was called into the office, and told that my coworker was promoted and going to be in charge of me. Having a great relationship with my manager, I asked why he got the promotion and why it was not open for all to apply for. She explained that he had been there longer, and had a degree. I responded with “a degree in Chemistry, 20 years ago” and that I had more experience than him. She then said that it was really due to the fact of the length of service. I thought OK. I then asked how long would it be before another promotion would come up. She said not for a least 2 years!!.

So, I have a great job, no chance for promotion, and decided to stay.

Then, the first day came. My coworker (newly promoted) called us into the office and proceeded on 30 min sermon on the type of manager he was going to be. (eyes a rolling). Things really changed from that day onward. Everything, and I don’t exaggerate here, every small detail had to go through him. Well, to be honest, I really bucked at this and continued as I was before, much to his chagrin. My ‘proper’ boss told us that we had to work it out, to which I thought, great. But he took that to mean, that I had to do what I was told, to the letter, with no disagreements.

Hence change of job. I have been in my current position for a year. It came with a Name promotion, more money, but the job sucked. So I have bided my time and it’s paid off. I will be moving into the Security Team in 2 weeks!!

2 things helped here.1) My previous experience. 2) I knew the hiring director, and was already in the system (it’s a transfer within the some company)

Now I have the makings of a really great day. I have met the team, got my job descriptions, and am ready to get going.

Just my little rant and rave.

I will post more about the job, as it gets going.


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    Good luck in your new endeavours!!
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    I hope all works out well for you in your new position.
    You may have to find some 'security' issues with the way your ex-boss conducts business, or create new work for him to improve security. :)
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    congrats on the new position!
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    Well, I have been in the new role for about 6 months, and wow. Things are way better. I work with a great team, who are always willing to help and my boss is great. I have been all over the place with the job. Everything from training, threat management and I am now getting into Malware Analysis. It's never static here. Pretty much had to learn everything from scratch. It's funny, but the more you learn, the less you know. As I don't have any security certs, I am going to be working on Sec+ and then go from there.

    Thanks for the congrats.
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    Firemarshalbill.comFiremarshalbill.com Member Posts: 128
    Congratulations icon_cheers.gif it looks like you made the right move. I have found through the years that the managers who need to micro manage are actually very insecure. Good luck and go for the CERTS!!!!!!!!!

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