BCMSN and Queueing

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How in depth does this exam get into QoS? Should one know the in's and out's of all the different queueing methods, and dscp to cos and precedence mappings?


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    Well, no one who's passed the exam can directly answer that question, as it would be a breach of Cisco's NDA.

    It's generally safe to assume that you need to know what the exam blueprint lays out.

    It is also worth noting that the Cisco Press exam certification guides, being officially recognized exam prep material by Cisco itself, are a good representation of the depth to which you need to learn the subject that is going to be on the exam, though I'd recommend supplementing that material with another source (cisco's own pages on the given subjects are excellent resources).

    I will also point out that, judging by the exam blueprint, there is some overlap in the coverage between BCMSN and ONT, but ONT's objectives seem to be greatly expanded in terms of QoS
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    Well your right, that was a fairly specific question. I am not out to breach any of the rules or regulations that Cisco has specified.

    I will find out here in about an hour, which is when I sit for the exam.
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    Good luck on your exam! :)

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    Grigsby wrote: »
    I will find out here in about an hour, which is when I sit for the exam.

    Good luck! You've already passed BSCI, so I have no doubt you'll do fine on BCMSN.
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    Haha, well I didnt post my failure here because I was a little miffed. I took it once and scored about a 780-something on it.

    Good news is, I took it again today and passed with a 926. This was a tough exam for me, obviously, but I feel much better now that I have conquered the material.

    I used the Official Self-Study and Exam Prep guide by Cisco press. I also used the Train Signal this time, and found it pretty helpful. Ill be using it for the next two.

    Thanks to everyone who provided input.
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    Grigsby wrote: »
    today and passed
    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif

    You do get to drink drunken_smilie.gif after an exam, pass (celebrate) or fail (commiserate) ..... so if you used the COMEBACK2009 code you got a practice test and two excuses to drink. drunken_smilie.gif I'd say things worked out fine! :D
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    Hahaha, yep that's exactly what I did.
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