Bring back your dead! (In AD /w PowerShell)

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Good luck to all!


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    The link is blocked here at my client site, but are they doing an ADSIEdit and clearing the isDeleted property of the AD object?
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    SDM AD Tombstone Reanimation Cmdlets 1.0

    Need to check it out...
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    interesting! Granted, much of that was over my head, but interesting and good info nonetheless. (Plus anything that has a reference or two to The Holy Grail is good in my book!) I was on a site call once doing user clean up with my boss, and the company owner said to go ahead & delete a bunch of users that were no longer with the company. Well, we did, and then shortly thereafter the company owner decided he still wanted access to those old employees' emails/contacts/etc. and we were charged with the task of bringing back the dead. Sigh. If I had known about this tool then, sounds like it would have been a much easier task to perform.

    ...I feel...happyyyy....
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