Onlive - end of console's?

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Has anyone read about the onlive service that will be released to allow you to play games over the internet on there servers in real time with little lag?

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What does anyone think of this? im quite interested in the idea...depending on the price of course.

Its still early days but you never know this maybe the way gaming is heading.
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    I read an article on this the other day, My only concern with this service if it becomes successful would there be a need to ever build a custom pc for gaming when you could just stream the game from a powerful server.

    I like the idea of not having to fork out on components to play the latest titles, the company behind this must have some pretty beefy hardware to cater for the amount of users connected a one time.
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    I think this looks great. Pretty impressed with Quake Live so should be interesting. Although you'll have a tough time taking my Xbox away from me...
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    No because latency would be even worse than now. You also need over 4mbps just to handle 1 person playing a HDish game.
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    People still play games on consoles?
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    They do if they don't want to wait months or longer for a PC port. Or if something they like is exclusive only to their console.
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