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Hi People

I work for a charity which refurbishes old computers, Our previous network admin has locked down the proxy server using Acess control lists which is stopping user access to websites such as Dell and Compaq.

Because we are handling alot of I.T kit on a daily basis I have decided to build a file server which will act as a centralized stored for a archive of drivers.

I have a alot of server kit lying around so I decided to take the plunge and get hands on with Ubuntu Server. So far I have setup and configured software raid 1 on the server and the O/S is installed next stage is to install the gui as I am not that great with the CLI.

This has been a learning process I am basically reading manuals and tinkering / teaching myself.

The question is what is the best way to share a archive with Linux? I was thinking to go with Samba and creating shares which users can access, the only issue is we don't use a workgroup downstairs, donated I.T equipment comes in the door user's hook up the PC's to the network and everything gets handled by DHCP and you manually have to enter proxy:8080 in Internet explorer, Firefox to get any internet access.

I want user's to access the server shares without assigning them to a workgroup via Samba can this be done?

lol this is giving me a headache I'm just confused about how to attach the server to the network so that when user's plug in a computer into the lan downstairs they can access my server.

Many Thanks
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    Can't you use the UNC path (\\servername\share)?

    It maybe easier to use FreeNAS or Openfiler for your project. They have web interfaces that make it very easy to manage a file server.

    Good luck with your project!
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    Looks like I have to go back to the drawing board on this one! lol Freenas why didn't I think of that I havent used it before but will give it a try.

    Question though when I have setup the hard disk space I want to share how do I go about putting data on the drives? ( in this case the archive of drivers) is this a easy process to do?
    Microsoft's strategy to conquer the I.T industry

    " Embrace, evolve, extinguish "
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    I haven't used FreeNAS in a while, but it should be as simple as creating a share and transferring the files across the network.
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