Encryption and Hashing?

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Hey security gurus

I have worked with encryption and hashing but need to get a grip on it better.
where do i look (books sites?) and what certs?

Tunneling protocols like PPTP and L2TP are vpn encryption protocols right
and then the data is hashed with SHA1, SHA2 and or MD5 respectively?

seems to me data is tunneled and the tunnel is encrypted? and the data is hashed and sealed? is this the common mode of operation?

Just like SSL/HTTPS tunnel you could say and then you have PKI certs used to hash the data?

and say ssh tunnel and the say a proctol like rdp/ssh or vnc/ssh tunnel are these all the same? similar

and then you have IPSEC? how does that work? same way like an ipsec tunnel?

do yuo guys know of any good books or cbts to put this all together?


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