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Okay, I have this ASA 5505 IOS versin 7.2(4) and ASDM 5.2(4).

It has VPN/SSL and regular VPN/IPSEC.

I was under the impression VPN/SSL was configure the vpn/ssl portion, open a browser
on the remote site, establish a ssl tunnel and have IP addresses issued to you thru
the tunnel so you can be localized to your remote LAN and the type in say a net bios
name of the computer you want to RDP into and violaa!!!!! VPN tunnel done thru clientless
vpn/ssl? Is this not so? Or was I only dreaming.

I have it working it is just It is only a file uploading and downloading tool webpage
I look into ipconfig /all and no new ip addresses issued to tunnel into my home remote network? Was I smokin something to think that this is what it is suppose to do?

Anyone have luck with L2TP vpn ? or the PPTP vpn using Microsoft client...

I was hoping to have the VPN/SSL establish my tunnel? If so how do you test to see
if you tunnel was created after initial login of the https site. I have it working on my ASA
and I can browse and upload files off of servers I added but I wanted to run RDP since
I was under the impression a tunnel was created and ip addresses of my LAN issued? Huh?



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    Dude, you're seriously all over the place with your thinking process. Slow down, ask your question carefully, give it some thought. Don't just type whatever words you feel could go together in a sentence.

    I have no idea what you're trying to do...one sentence you're asking about RDP, the next you're talking about SSL VPN, the next you're bringing in L2TP/PPTP.

    This is the config guide for SVC on your version of ASA:
    Cisco Security Appliance Command Line Configuration Guide, Version 7.2 - Configuring SSL VPN Client [Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances] - Cisco Systems
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    see I am confused on some things. I just don't understand.
    I use logmein.com stuff for remoting into computers and it uses Https or ssl type tunnel
    and then I can remote into a computer. It is much the same as webex you can say okay.

    I really don't know what to ask really. I was just worked up over not understanding what is going on with my ASA.

    I set up the VPN/SSL according to the cisco whitepapers. and all I got was a webpage where I can upload files to my LAN computers. I dont want to do that. I thought vpn/ssl
    was like webex. You just login and then you are assign a ip address and tunnel to your home LAN from anywhere. Not the case? Bighorn have you used VPN/SSL in ASA?

    I just cannot find any good explain on this stuff. I have had to piece it together. I dont know enough to wiz right thru it. So I sound like a retart. ;)

    I will look at your reference thanks

    what I was asking about the PPTP and L2TP was dont you have to have a client
    to remote into asa? I was confused because I thought I could vpn into my home LAN
    with the vpn/ssl so I guess I was mixing vpn/ssl with vpn/ipsec sorry.
    I just wish I had some good references...thanks for trying to help me out;)
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    Clientless SSL VPN Access—Enables clientless, browser-based connections for specific,
    supported internal resources through a portal page.
    • Cisco SSL VPN Client (AnyConnect VPN Client)—Enables SSL VPN client connections for full
    network access. Enables the security appliance to download the AnyConnect client to remote users
    Bighorn asa 5505 does what I want vpn/ssl as long as I have the anyconnect vpn client
    and of course asa ios 8.0 and asdm 6.1 of which I finally do...so I am in good shape.
    I found this in the cisco pdf I was looking for thanks for you help...I was only doing the first option of the vpn and I need to perform option 2 and will get full access to my LAN like a normal vpn would but via ssl cool! will of course try ipsec vpn but what a pain Ihave heard nothing but bad about ipsec tunneling...nightmares..
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