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Yay, passed with a 772! I didn't outright slay the thing, but it knows not to mess with me again so I guess that's okay. I'm amazed I even did that well what with the distractions I've had lately. I had to reschedule twice due to real life problems. Last week our Exchange 2003 server just totally gave up the ghost. I stayed at work till 11:00 PM and we decided that I should be there at 8:00 AM so the boss stayed until everything came back up around 3:30 AM. Would've been faster if the boss had copied the stores over to the file server instead of the USB terabyte drive he was using. icon_lol.gif It was unreal. We had a MS tech remote in to try to fix the thing, and every time he fixed one thing, something else would crash. He suggested we reload the server. I've never seen that happen before and thankfully we had a new server we were planning on migrating to anyway that already had Server 2003 installed. And then on this Tuesday my sister was rushed to the ER after she passed out while teaching class. Fortunately it was just dehydration, but she's had neurological problems before so we were worried that it might have been a stroke. So I rescheduled for this Friday (instead of Thursday) so I could have a bit more time to get in the right state of mind. materials? Hands on work (manage 8 2003 servers + a few more that have yet to go live...using them for NeverFail replication & disaster recovery), MS Press book, PrepLogic mega guide (yay for the $4 sale!), and PrepLogic practice exams. Oh and TechNotes ;) I have to say it seemed much easier than 70-270, but I'm not going to let my guard down for the beast! I'm going to take a few weeks off and then I'll get in full swing for 70-291. I think long term I'm going to shoot for MCSE: Security.
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    Congrats. I'd say good job with all you had going on in "real" life.
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    You passed after personal and job problems, thats great, many persons delay the exam for weeks in that kind of situation, you inspire me. Sometimes a set some exuses to not do the exam.
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