Macintosh OS Licensing

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Alright, I don't do much with Apple. So sorry if I sounds foolish. Havn't had any luck with google searches.

I understand their are no install keys or activation processes with OS 10.5 Intel? Is this true? So if I loose my original installation media it's perfectly find for me to use the same OS version from someone else's machine (or retail copy) as long as it's the same OS version that my machine came with?

I ask, as I was given a Intel MacBook at work yesterday with no OS disks and the likes. It originally had OS10.5 on there (so I am told). Either way there is a bunch of software on there I know is not legally licensed so I just want to reimage. But I would hate to have to buy the OS over. (like everyone else, out budget is limited badly right now)

I was also given a G4 laptop as well. Same on the older systems? They want us to be ready to support Macintosh Server/Clients in side of a few months and I am supposed to spear head the training of our service desk.

So any input or links you have this subject matter would be great.


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