Anyone taken/passed 70-652: Configuring Server Virtualization??

JordusJordus Posts: 336Banned
I got a free voucher for this cert from MS so I think im going to put the 290 on hold while I focus on this (it expires in 6 weeks so i have to get it done quick)

Anyone on here taken this and compiled some notes or other resources?

I have the free e-learning videos from MS as well as the free MS virtualization book.

I've also got a Dell 2950 server running HyperV Server and a few VMs, as well as SCVMM 2008 managing it.
MCITP:EST | MCTS: Vista / 7 / Hyper-V / AD-DS / Network Infrastructure 08 | MCP: XP

Awaiting Results: Server+ Beta


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