Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Problem

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Hello all,

I've configured a server03 VM with Exchange07, SQL05, etc

All supposedly configured correctly, no errors in the event logs.

Upon trying to configure the client (Office 07) I get as far as entering the Intranet address as follows: https://server01/reportserver (Also tried https://server01/reportserver:443) and experience the following error messages:

"Client found response content type of ", but expected 'text/xml'. The request failed with an empty response."
"Mandatory updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM could not be applied successfully. Try running the application again."

If I simply enter https://server01/ I advance a page but there are no organizations to select or view so I'm again, stuck.

Any ideas?
I can view the web page by pasting the url in ie. I can access the server etc


  • excalibur1814excalibur1814 Member Posts: 82 ■■□□□□□□□□

    Resolved the problem. CRM has a web based setup and mini user account page where you create users etc. As soon as I setup, enabled and assigned security settings, all went well.


    Now I have to learn how to use the client and properly configure the server resources.
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