Heatsink position

Lee HLee H Member Posts: 1,135

This is my new heatsink

Akasa AK-965 Intel 92mm Fan (Socket LGA775) - Aria Technology

I have it in my case pointing away from the PSU, logic tells me its trying blow hot air down but hot air rises, would I be best pointing it upwards, this could be blowing hot air towards ne PSU though

Lee H


  • tierstentiersten Member Posts: 4,505
    There is a minimal difference between orientations.
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    Your PSU has an extraction fan, while you'll be directing the hotter air to it that will also pull it out of the case. If you don't have another extraction fan close enough to suck out the CPU heated air then the ambient temp of the case will rise anyway and affect a lot more than the PSU.
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