Back to it!!...After the BSCI

jason_lundejason_lunde Member Posts: 567
Well, after getting my CCNA in November I immediately started attacking the material for the BSCI exam. But due to finishing a masters degree, and moving accross state lines I had to put it on hold. But now I have secured my first "true" networking job, and have finished my grad. degree; so I have powered back on the lab...and am going back through the material (it feels great!). It is amazing how fast you lose some of you knowledgebase though when you stop for a while! The last time I had really mastered OSPF, and had begun on IS-IS when I had to stop studying...so today I spent about 4 hours going over DV basics, debug commands, subnetting, and configured a fully functional frame-cloud and RIPv2 network with authentication. I will hopefully go back through OSPF tomm...and off to the other great protocols after that (Really looking foward to BGP and mulitcast...not so much IPv6 though). Just thought that I would post my progress and hopefully get some helpful hints from the np'ers.

Thanks guys (and gals).


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