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Not exactly the best score I've ever gotten, but like the old saying goes, "a pass is a pass".

Here is how I did:
* Describe and configure Cisco Unified Communications Architecture       87%
  to support VoIP          
* Describe PSTN components and technologies                              85%
* Describe VoIP components and technologies                              100%
* Describe and configure gateways, voice ports, and dial peers           64%
  to connect to the PSTN and service provider networks
* Implement UC500 using Cisco Configuration Assistant                    75%
* Implement Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to              100%
  support endpoints using CLI
* Perform basic maintenance and operations tasks to support              0%
  the VoIP solution

So yeah...

I do wonder if anyone has ever passed an exam while getting a 0% on a topic. A part of me think it's quite funny. The other part wonders how the /d\(uck\)/ /f\1/ I got a 0%...

Here is the topic breakdown according to Cisco on the aforementioned topic:
Perform basic maintenance and operations tasks to support the VoIP solution

    * Describe basic troubleshooting methods for 
      Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
    * Explain basic troubleshooting methods for Cisco Unity Express
    * Explain basic maintenance and troubleshooting methods for UC500

What a shot in the nuts to a fellows pride... My troubleshooting skills aren't the best in the world but damn! Not sure how many questions fell into this topic, either, but I don't think it was that many. Not making excuses, but trying to rationalize in a way that doesn't make me want to take one of my wife's frying pans and gong myself over the head.

To be perfectly honest, I was not completely ready for this exam...

I attained the CCNA Security 2/29/2009 and started a new job a few days later, in which I am in a much larger network and finally getting into VoIP in a living, breathing environment that makes my old employer's network look like two tins cans connected with a piece of string.

Long story short, I rushed a bit. lol! I kind of have been side-studying the CVOICE material to try to learn VoIP on a deeper level while also trying to learn their environment and how they are implementing VoIP.

Not having access to CUE and the UC500 definitely nipped me in the nutsack. Having access to those pieces of equipment would have definitely helped me (duh!). :)

I used the following material:

CCNA Voice Official Exam Cerification Guide
Authorized Self-Study Guide Cisco Voice over IP (CVOICE), Third Edition
ExamCram CCNA Voice
CCNA Voice CBTNuggets
Cisco Documentation

Like I said earlier, I went above and beyond on a lot of topics but overkill is definitely better than the underkill.


A 0%...



I am off to attempt the CCVP. I have much to learn in the Land of VoIP, but am determined to prevail. I am doing the exams in the following order in case anyone is absolutely dying to know:


Work scheduled me for a week long class in mid-June on the CIPT1 material so I am hoping to make sweet, old fashioned love to CVOICE before that so I can have focus on the exam at that time. We shall see...

Wish me luck and good luck to all of you!
policy-map type inspect TACO
class type inspect BELL
drop log


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