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So I was laid off from my job at the end of January and haven't gotten many interviews. The interviews I have gotten I didn't make a good enough impression to get hired.

So I did what I always do when I'm down and out on finding jobs: I apply to Geek Squad. I applied for in-store technician since I've applied for in-home technician twice and failed their DATA test. I do really well until I get to the questions about Apple products. I applied to one local to me in the SF Bay Area, Pleasant Hill to be exact. I have an interview there this week. One of my best friends applied to Best Buy in San Francisco and I was thinking of applying for their Geek Squad too so I can work in the same store as my buddy.

What I'm wondering is if anyone has worked at any of these locations and what was the pay? I wasn't sure if the pay differed by location. Sorry if this topic is overdone, guys.


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    I worked for home theater, in the central valley area (Tracy, Modesto, Stockton etc), I tried ages to get into the computer side. The pay scales are unfair, I know people should not talk about what they make, but all of the installers became pretty good friends. The pay scales ranged from 14 - 25 hourly and they weren't based on your ability, they were based on how well you interacted with the managers (aka sucking up). I was in the lower bracket because I couldn't suck up for the life of me, I will in my next job though, I need the money.

    In any case good luck apping to Geek Squad, Best Buy is a stable company to work for, but they grew so big so fast, that training within is horrible, and their standard operating procedures are differen't from district to district which causes problems for all of the service departments (geek squard).
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