Simulation scoring

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I know that the scoring system for all the MS exams is a dark art, but am I right to assume that a simulation is just scored as a normal question? Eg, if I got 5 sims in the exam and failed them all, would i fail, even with all the other questions correct??


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    I'd think it's reasonable to assume that if you flunked all the sims you'd fail (and deserve to fail). But don't be afraid of them they aren't too bad at all, just practise, then do some more practise and ummmm, practise some more.
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  • Squirrel23Squirrel23 Member Posts: 19 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Yeah I know pretty much which topics are likely to come up (and which one are likely to give me hassle!) I've also heard that the sims constitute around half of the overall score weighting.... scary stuff!! Pray for no typos!!
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