Long time lurker - April 18th is the day

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...So I figured I'd post and say "Hi!"

Been lurking on these since beginning of Feb when I took my first (70-270) test.

Since then I've taken the 70-620, and the 70-290.

Before I sat for any of these exams I bought an ExamCram Security+ book (SY0-101) back in July (when I got my 1st "real" job, I had been an independent consultant for 5 years before that).

Well I found it this morning and got really interested in "it" on the train ride into work. So... I decided to take a break from my MCSE/MCITP track for a few weeks and get the Sec+.

I think the discussion of protocols, security principals will help a little bit with my 291 studies (at least that's what I tell myself).

Anyway I'm sitting on the 18th for it. Not too worried but we'll see how it turns out.

Hello to everyone, this is a neat place, and I have gotten a lot of great tips and review material thus far!


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    good luck buddy!
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    Good luck and welcome to the forums icon_thumright.gif

    what kind of consultant work have u been doing before ur job?

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    UnixGuy wrote: »
    Good luck and welcome to the forums icon_thumright.gif

    what kind of consultant work have u been doing before ur job?

    Thanks for the welcome. I did primarily small business (<25) employees, and home / home office type stuff.

    I was going to a small private school at the time (read 600 campus pc's and 1000 students + their PC's), and worked in the IT Dept. as their "Intern" which was really really cool. Over the time I was with them we transformed (we - due to it being the 2 employees and myself) the network from 10baseT hubs to a multi-vlan, fully switched network, and added 130+ AP's for full Aruba managed wireless network integrated with AD. Also did a LOT of ghosting, troubleshooting, hardware replacing (all PC's / servers were whitebox). And got my hands dirty with AV (Crestron) stuff. Lots of cabling and cable troubleshooting, probably my favorite, crawling around in attics and stuff. Anyway...

    The pay was not all that great compared to what I got working a consultant, but the experience was great, the people were great, and since I had a domain admin account, I was the after hours contact if anything went wrong (and did it ever... and I knew/figured out how to fix it most of the time).

    It pretty much firmed up my desire to stay in the IT field, but I still prefer the business/people side of IT as opposed to sitting in a cube all day.
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