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I just passed the Network+ (003) and while I'm relieved to have gotten pass that part, what should I do now? I'm redoing my resume to add in the certification and will distribute it to job engines online and at a Job Expo I'll going to next week. Is this a good move or is there something I'm missing? Thanks, you guys, for all the help. This site really did help me quite a bit.


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    Hey McLewis,

    Congrats on your cert. For next cert, depend where you want to go from here. You have lots of options as Network + & A+ help you in MCSA or A+ & Security+ give you advantage in MCSE. Cisco path is open for you as now you know the basics of networking.

    Good luck.
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    I would keep grinding. Study for additional certs. What are you interested in doing within I.T.? This is just the beginning and although Network+ is a worthy accomplishment it is still an entry level cert so you can expect entry level positions from it. I would move on to either CCNA or MCSA/E. If you like Linux, Linux+ or LPIC is a pretty good start. Do a lot of experimenting so that you can have some hands on knowledge of what Network+ taught you. Get a sniffer and sniff traffic (on your own LAN of course) and look at the OSI model in action so that you gain a better understanding of it. I say, keep grinding.
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