What is the best path to get a MCSE (Security)

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hey all

I have doing some reseach for the best path to a MSCE Security. This is what I have come up with to follow the most logical / most over lap in the study areas (Have to start ordering books etc)

I have done 70-290 and 70-291

Currently studying for 70-293

Then I am thinking this should be my next path

70-299 Implement and admin Security
70-298 Design Security
Security+ (not keen to do the ISA examines)

Then finish the Client cert probably Vista and then 70-294

My goal is to get into network security ...

Any ideas suggestions etc


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    That's the path I took. While I really like the Security+ because it's a great introduction into all the various aspects of security, ISA skills would probably be more useful in the real world and help you land the job you're looking for. I'm considering going back and doing the 2006 exam. Just something to think about...
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    hmmm good point..

    with the examines did you just use MS press or what books / learning aids did you use?? I just trying to save $$ icon_wink.gif
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    MS Press book (except Syngress for 293), Transcender, CBT Nuggets, and VMs in VMware Workstation.

    You can get by with less than that. Be sure to check the stickies in the forums for the exams you're interested in. Royal has put together some massive lists of resources for a few exams. You can do a lot by reading on Technet, googling exam objectives, etc.
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