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I have two questions: -

1. Did the Cisco CCNA Wireless exam is better than CWNP Exam or not and what is different between then.

2. Should I buy a special AP if I try to get CCNA Wireless exam.



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    The CCNA: Wireless is vendor-specific while the CWNP certifications are vendor-neutral. The one that's "better" depends on what you're working with/what you want to be working with.

    I've heard a lot of the questions ask about configuration, the interface, etc., so having access to an AP wouldn't hurt. I don't think it's required though. The Cisco Press book details early on what equipment they expect you to be working with.
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    Neither certification is 'better' than the other. CCNA Wireless tests specific knowledge on Cisco wireless lan controllers, lightweight access points, and WCS. CCNA-W tests wireless technology theory as well, but not to the depth that CWNA does. CWNA digs deep into the mechanics and theory of the wireless network standards. It skims vendor product architectures at a high level (autonomous, controller based, etc) but does not test specific product knowledge.

    If you will be working with Cisco wireless gear specifically, CCNA Wireless is very valuable. The CCNA is a prerequisite for CCNA Wireless. I think CCNA Wireless is a bit more difficult to achieve than the other CCNA specializations due to the fact that there is limited training material available for the CCNA-W exam compared to CCNA-V and CCNA-S, and the cost of hardware to build a lab is quite a bit more. There are no virtualization or simulators available for the WLC either. IMHO time on a WLC and a lightweight AP is critical to success.

    If you want a cert to show just general wireless knowledge, the CWNA is where it is at. No prerequisites for the CWNA. The new Sybex book for the CWNA PW0-104 exam just came out last week. I have a copy and have looked through it, I think the book is very well done.
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