Passed 70-236

Barely, with a 718

I know it's pass/fail and a pass is a pass and that Microsoft considers 700 passing and if they wanted a higher passing score they would set it higher, blah blah blah. Bottom line is I hold myself to a higher standard than just meeting the minimum requirements and I was disappointed with my performance. I felt better prepared than that, but I suppose only 6 weeks experience with Exchange 2007 wasn't enough. I scored almost identical in every section, so it's not one or two week areas I need to improve in.

Materials Used:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Implementation and Administration
MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Configuration Study Guide: Exam 70-236
Exchange Server 2007 Administrator's Companion, Second Edition

I started reading about 2007 a year and half ago using other pre-SP1 material so I could work on a design for my previous employer. Other projects and budget cuts kept me from implementing it there while other study goals kept me from reading more about it. I didn't know if I would ever get around to taking this exam because I wasn't sure if I would continue down the MS career path or move to Cisco, but the new job is an MS job and my first project was an Exchange migration. I read both the Sybex study guide and the Exchange Implementation and Administration books with the Admin Guide as a reference in a few areas. I don't think the Sybex study guide alone is good enough for this exam, but I found the Implementation book to be both useful for the exam and the real world. I read some bad reviews on the MSPress 70-236 book so I stayed away from it.

I can't really say much that hasn't already been said. Yes, there is a lot of Powershell. I wasn't trying to memorize every option for every cmdlet, instead I tried to learn what could only be done through the EMS and also how to do common tasks. I was surprised at the depth of a few of the questions, and sometimes I was stuck picking the answer that was at least syntactically correct and hoping for the best.

Next, on to 237. I started studying yesterday and found something in the first chapter that probably cost me 2 questions on the exam Friday. I was planning on taking this and 238 in the next 2 months, but I may need to stretch that to 3 in light of my low score on 236. I definitely have a lot more to learn if I am going to attempt an Exchange Ranger rotation some day.


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    I totally understand where you are coming from as I hate scraping by, but you got the job done with a pass and no doubt you'll be working on a few of the finer details too. Congrats and good luck with the EMA track in general icon_thumright.gif
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    I scored a 700, although my exam was totally jacked, as I've mentioned before. My co-worker who knows Exchange very well failed his first attempt. Don't feel bad.

    You'll feel a lot better after you take 237. I got a 980 or something like that. icon_lol.gif
    Good luck to all!
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    Claymoore wrote: »
    Barely, with a 718

    Scary icon_eek.gif

    That sounds identical to my experience. You should be able to knock out 237 quite easily. I skimmed the 200 pages in that 237/238 combo book and did a fast run through Transcender. However, the "How to ****..." and "Mastering..." books did cover a lot of that material. I didn't go with any exam-centric books for 236, and I highly recommend you check all those out.

    I know that's not a thrilling score, but congratulations all the same! I think it sucks too (speaking about myself), but I'm not too broken up about not having every cmdlet command and option memorized.
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