VTP confusion.

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Hi guys,

I was reading over some VTP review, and stumbled across some things that confuses me. It boils down to where the different modes of VTP saves their information. There are basically three places as I see it. Running config (normal RAM), NVRAM (startup-config) and flash.

Official cisco documentation says:
"In VTP server mode, VLAN configurations are saved in NVRAM". By the previous definition, this is the exact opposite of what my lab results states. By the lab results, VTP server, saves all of its configuration in flash (specifically vlan.dat)

Cisco, also states:
"In VTP client mode, VLAN configurations are not saved in NVRAM."
This is sort of true, but not quite. It will actually store them in flash. But all the sites ive visited states that clients do not save the information.

And the final mode:
"When the switch is in VTP transparent mode, the VTP and VLAN configurations are saved in NVRAM"
Again, my lab results show, that the info is actually stored in the running-config (RAM) along with flash.

So all in all, all three modes save the configuration. Server in vlan.dat, client in vlan.dat, and transparent both in running-config and flash.

What gives?
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