Transcenders compared to 70-293

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I'm using Trascenders to prepare for 70-293. I've read they are tougher than the real exam, but can anyone give me an idea how much tougher we are talking about? I feel I have a good grasp on IPSEC and PKI (my two weakest areas), but some of these Transcender questions make my head spin with the amount of detail they get into.


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    I remember it being relatively on par as far as difficulty goes. If you're coming across new material, make sure you actually take some time to research and learn it, and not just memorize the answers.
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    Follow-up: I took 70-293 and passed. The Transcenders were an accurate representation of the test. They covered the correct material, and I felt the simulations were strong. Obviously it takes a LOT more than just memorizing the Transcender answers. You need to understand why the answers are correct.

    I miss the old NT4 MCSE days when the Transcenders were almost word-for-word the same as the actual Microsoft exam. :D
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