Checking In/Career Status Update

Hello everyone,

It's been awhile since I had the time to post, so I wanted to check in and let you guys know how things are going. I now travel all across the USA. The main markets where I work are Chicago, New York, Orlando, and San Francisco.

I've done extremely well with my classes and students with many students emailing second requests for me to appear. I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that I work hard when I teach for a class, and I always show up prepped to the max.

Life seems to be good. My wife is extremely jealous because I get to go to so many travel locations and call it work. Actually it is work. At current, I have taken 17 Microsoft Certified Tests. The average Microsoft Certified Trainer has taken 34. It's a certification lifestyle so to speak to where you are always studying -- the teaching part tends to be the easy part.

My wife is taking 4 trips with me this summer. It's kind of cool because we'll be making money while on vacation. I'll teach during the daytime till 3PM and then we will hang-out till whenever while MCPWannabe gets his romance on..

I also consult. Right now, consulting is 10% of my revenue and training is 90% of my revenue. My rate is $60 - $70 an hour, which is low, but right now, I'm building a reputation. As the reputation goes higher, so will my rate. Eventually, I want consulting to be 60% of my income and training to be 40% of my income while charging $200 an hour for consulting (which is very reasonable).

If you take a development class, I may very well have you (especially Chicago).
I've escaped call centers and so can you! Certification Trail and mean pay job offers for me: A+ == $14, Net+==$16, MCSA==$20-$22, MCAD==$25-$30, MCSD -- $40, MCT(Development), MCITP Business Intelligence, MCPD Enterprise Applications Developer -- $700 a Day


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