So 270 is the first step most take?

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It seems this way by reading from what most are saying. My experience with the server side of things is weak. But I do have a Virtualized 2K3 server here to "hands on" as I learn.

I have the MS Press book and some other tools (not brain cram crap) that I use as my study/teaching tools, the OS client and most C/S basics I'm familiar enough with and have used/applied and learned well enough to cripple my way through most work :D

Any other suggestions for quality study guides? No I don't wanna shove the information down my own throat and force myself into becoming a "test taker with no actual knowledge", I really wanna learn and be able to repeat my learned abilities.

I have a long history in all this stuff, but, my recent uses have been limited, I passed A+/Net+/Sec+ drunk I think, they were just ungodly easy. My goal is to have a MCSA / BSIT within 3 years as a combined goal.

Thanks for your thoughts, opinions, jokes, and here's to hoping I don't bom.gif this all :D


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    What worked for me was using TestOut and the 70-270 MS Press Book as study material. I used VMWare to create a Virtual Domain with a Windows 2003 Server Domain Controller and Windows XP Pro as the client OS to get the hands on experience.

    If you study the material and do the practice labs in a Virtual Environment and use MeasureUp or Transcender for testing material you will do just fine.
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    Actually my first MS exam was 70-620 (Vista exam). I did that because it counted toward both the MCSA/MCSE 2003 and the new MCITP: Enterprise Administrator cert.
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