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hi all , found the board a few weeks ago, have been studying for my A+ Core since March 2K4 getting nervous about taking it .
had my heart set on scoring at least in the 800's but reality sets in now ,
How did "okipatrick" do it ...-bout fell out of my chair pulling a Fred Sanford when i saw that ....MAN thats SWEET!
How do you score that High on the A+ Core (or was that the Core +OS)
at any rate it feels good to be in the Binary with comrads.
last 7 pratice test i took this week not below 900( 96-97) but still dont feel
confident enough. Studying from: Myers Passport A+, Sybex 2003 Complete Study Guide, and "Faster Smarter A+" , and LearnKeys A+ CBT _11 Disc Set with all the Myers Videos and Master Exam Test Engines

mannnn, need to re-boot.....later.


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    I took the test, got a 675 and I quite honestly thought I had done better. I had all this experience troubleshooting my own hardware, reading user/system manuals, building/installing, took a couple of computer repair courses, all spanning about 6 years or so, but in the end, looking back at the test, the thing that got me the most were new technologies (I didn't really study the new 2003 objectives) and ambiguous questions that gave you 4 correct answers but you had to choose the "most correct" response. Oh, and not recognizing the correct questions to ask a user when providing technical support. Apparently, depending on the situation, you need to choose carefully which of the following you ask first: "Has the program/system worked before?" and "Show me what/how you were doing"

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    @Gilley: I realize this post is a few years old, but I stumbled across it searching for an identity thief (try googling yourself sometime). I honestly don't know how I got an 855 on the core exam, but I do know that I only missed 1 or 2 questions on the exam.

    Incidentally, when I took the OS portion I got a 741.

    I should visit here more often.
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