passed 70-620 and 70-622 last week

I sat the 70-620 and the 70-622 on Wednesday and Thursday last week and passed both with scores of 914 and 861.

The exam is relatively straight forward. I had 64 questions with 14 sims. I would recommend the MS Press book and to the pracs at the end of each section. The level of difficulty of the multiple choice questions was similar to the level of difficulty of questions at the end of each chapter of the MS Press book. I have a streaming subscription to cbt nuggets and i highly recommend its video series for this exam. In fact if you watch closely it’s like James Conrad is going thru each chapter of the MS Press when doing the videos.
All in all this was an easy exam if you know your stuff. If you haven’t done a MS exam before this would be the first one to do to ease you into it. And if you can afford it get the selftest exam questions as the I found the sims to be very useful.

The exam was 3 hours and had 55 questions. I had no right to pass this exam. I only really did half-hearted study and really used the approach in the exam to look for the wrong answer when I was unsure. This exam is a lot more challenging than the 70-620 and so it should be. In any case I was a bit disappointed with the exam in that the questions were often vague and typos appeared throughout. A few examples "Al l users" and this was my favourite "ou are the Administrator". Plus the set of answers for a particular question were all technically incorrect because the answers provided all had a typo. I had 55 questions and had plenty of time to review my answers thoroughly. I would recommend the MS Press and hands on for this exam as well as the cbt nuggets video series even though it was good for the most part and very sloppy in other parts...

And on a side note. If you do have access to the cbt nuggets streaming subscription i found this very handy program that can speed up the video by 2.5 times the normal speed. Check it out:
Windows Media Player Plug-In - Variable Speed Playback of Audio and Video - Enounce Incorporated

I dont mean to give another forum a plug but these notes were also very handy for the 70-620:
My Vista Notes - ProProfs Forums

Off to study for the Server 2008 exams


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