Passed 218.. Now MCSA

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My 70-218 exam consisted of alot of GPO questions.
There were three or four questions regarding where to place a GPO in AD Users and Computers... The Domain Level, or the OU. Some questions regarding Policy Inheritance and such. One of the ones that could be tricky is password and account lockout policies have to be set at the domain level, otherwise they won't work.

The rest of the test was alot of review from 215 and 210. They asked a few questions regarding tracert and pathping. What I've found from practice exams and the microsoft tests is that if tracert and pathping are both used in the answer selections, pick pathping over tracert, but only if the address you are trying to get to is right. I saw a couple questions where there were three choices for tracert and one for pathping, but the pathping destination ip was wrong.

Anyway. After that don't forget to go to the M$ MCP member site and request your welcome kit, You'll notice that the MCSA 2000 certification will disapear for your certification planner screen, and a request welcome button will appear under member benifits somewhere.

Ocean State Job lot, a discount department store on the east coast is carrying the Exam Cram books for all of the MCSE and CNE tests for $2.99 ..... amazing. I just bought $40.00 and have all the study materials I'll ever need.

On to the beast next. I'll be happy to get it out of the way.

And we're using windows why?


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