WSUS expectations? anyone?

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hey guys
what should I expect from WSUS. this is my take on it..

Okay sometimes it seems like many PCs reach 100% but it seems like it is a free for all. They all catch up on their updates but due to bandwitdth that day and or processing time of the installed updates on each machine these installs go in cycles they catch up but never will you seee perfect machines updated all the time is this write or after a schedule install time, I should be seeing 100% across the board??I just dont know what to expect. We have 4 branch offices and 1 WSUS server...and about 200 servers and PCs being updates. What snould I expect..really. and

another big concern is I need to set up this WSUSDBmaintenance.sql file to run on a schedule to keep the database on the WSUS clean?
I know on our exchange 2003 server it has an automatic DB cleaner running on schedule that is integrated but on this WSUS with SQL express usage, it needs a command line scheduled task to run and clean it often is this right?

thanks guysicon_study.gif
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