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and, this one is from me :)

hello guys,
i have created a basic MPLS lab using the OJRE-LD scenario.
i have put all the routers on OSPF area 0 - everything looks good :

before the static LSP creation,
traceroute output from london to saopaulo lo0.0 using the path london - amsterdam and ended on sao paulo (3 hops).

after the creation of static LSP from london - tokyo - hongkong - san jose - denver - sao paulo path - everything seems ok, but :

why would not it stop there at sao paulo - and it goes on and on even it has reach the final destination?
the result from a client behind london - cant ping any of the routers, and the traceroute have the same results.

any idea and clues would be highly appreciated,
thank you :)
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    by static lsp's do you mean lsp's with strict ERO's or do you mean that your actually configuring "static" lsp?
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    jim carey said when he got the mask on the river right after he trow it : "I've got it!!!"

    on penultimate (denver) :
    set prot mpls interface <ingress> label-map 12345 swap 0

    hehehe ... how a tiny little mistake will make the network unusable,
    wow ... can you imagine that?

    got the pings, the traceroute - but this time, its over a bgp :D

    cheers up folks ;)

    hey ... make me happy here - i've solved the problem, hahaha ... icon_lol.gif
    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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    so basically those * * * * traceroute errors, and no ping replies is caused by un-terminated destination/end - so both the system and the packet busy doing route lookup to which other hop should the transit routers forward the packet?

    and, i'm working on it to get back to the semifinal match against L2/L3 services :LOL:

    cheers ;)
    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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