Help with DNS server and resolving host names

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Hi, I have a network consisting of
-windows xp computers (about 3)
-windows 2000 DNS server
-2 cisco routers

After I installed the Cisco routers, none of my clients could resolve host names on their own (locally or on the WAN). I had to access everything via IP. Even local computers.

To remedy this I installed a local DNS server. This fixed the problem with resolving host names on the WAN. But my local PCs still cannot resolve computer names.

I thought Windows 2000 DNS server took over NETBIOS's job?
What did I do wrong?


  • sab4yousab4you Member Posts: 66 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Yes you are correct that DNS should take over for NetBIOS.

    But I think your problem lies in the routers. I am unsure how your physically laid out but if you installed the routers and lost your LAN netbios than obviously your router is in between the computers communication and blocking it.

    Being on a LAN you dont need anything routed, so whatever your router confgiuration is, its setup wrong.

    To ensure your windows network is setup correctly have each client DNS entry ONLY point to your windows 2000 DNS server.

    Then have your DNS server IP settings point to itself for DNS resolution.

    Then ensure your DNS is setup correctly by making sure the root "." DNS is not there. Also setup forwarderes to point to your ISP DNS servers.

    Now, where your problem most likely lies is your router configuration. Make sure you are allowing outbound DNS requests from your windows 2000 DNS server.
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    goto your network card, goto tcp/ip, click properties, goto advanced, click the wins tab, then enter the IP address of your WINS server. which in this case is also your dns server.
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