Sitting the SYO-101 at 11:45AM Saturday

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So I'm sitting the SY0-101 tomorrow morning. Don't really feel super prepped for it. I've read through the ExamCram book, but found out it was published in '04, I reviewed the tech notes here, and I know most of the ports. I also took the two practice quizzes from techexams (which I scored 90ish%). Lastly I reviewed icon_study.gif the objectives from CompTIA and feel OK.

I just don't know what to expect. I believe it's all multiple choice (which I'm fine with), but as far as question difficutly I just don't have a good handle on it. I feel I know the material, but I'm not ready for the test. We'll see what happens. Yeah. Def. going for a brew after if I pass tho! icon_confused.gif:


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    Same here used mostly Testout and Exam Cram2 book to gage myself. My test is next week thursday, let me know how it goes for you icon_smile.gif
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    aeroguy wrote: »
    Same here used mostly Testout and Exam Cram2 book to gage myself. My test is next week thursday, let me know how it goes for you icon_smile.gif

    wow I just looked at the testout site and it retails for $495. Is it really that much?
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    desertmouse i got it for $89 but you have to be a student.

    "The product we offer is the same complete training program that businesses, government agencies and military groups purchase, but only at a discounted rate, $89 per title plus shipping. In order to qualify for the training you have to be currently registered at any recognized academic or training organization. You do not have to be registered in computer classes in order to purchase any of the TestOut training courses. Student verification is required either via transcript, current class schedule, registration confirmation, or a signed letter from the institution (student ID cards are not accepted). To send the information either fax that to my attention at 801-785-0575 or simply email me at [email protected]. Once this has been approved, directions for placing an order will be emailed to you, so please be sure to include your email address on any faxes."
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    so I got a 750 Fail.... ugg. I guess going out and partying on Friday night wasn't the smartest idea. Oh well. Going to reschedule for sometime next week hopefully. Gah.
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    im taking the syo-101 tomorrow. i studied the sybex security+ fast pass book cover to cover. i read the sybex study guide in a week long, 8hour a day class, and i have been using transcenders. i feel pretty good about knowing the material....but im just worried because i have been scoring 85's on transcenders but 90 to 100 on the tests that came with the sybex books. go figure. ive studied the objectives here, done the quizes, and the port number quiz as well and had varying scores from 75 to 95....bizarre. its like im on one day and off the next. taking it tomorrow. ill let you know how i do. lets hope its an on day. =)
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    Yeah, don't drink yourself in to a comma the night for. A few drinks are fine, I've done that.. but no beer bongs. :)
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    What is the official passing score for SY-101
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    764 out of 900 is the passing score
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    well it's scheduled for this Thursday at 8. I've been studying some this weekend so hopefully no issue.


    Let me tell you this exam has been a thorn in my side. I thought many many many (intentially wrote that 3x) of the questions were very vague, had poor answer choices, etc. Oh well. Content was not all that difficult, just bad answers.

    Again - I applaud those with Security+ certification, it actually gives a good baseline (lol)
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