What to look for on a 1760 router with CME

I'm looking to get a Cisco 1760 router with CME on it off ebay. What should I look to get on it as far as IOS, memory, RAM, ports, etc? Are T1 or FXS ports available on 1760s?
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    This is a fantastic link that you will refer to often when working with CME:

    Cisco Unified CME and Cisco IOS Software Version Compatibility Matrix [Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express] - Cisco Systems

    1760 routers max out at 160/64. My 1760 runs CME just fine with 48 meg of flash. I don't load all the phone loads, just the ones I need.

    The obvious feature set that supports CME is ipvoice. however, it isn't the only one. Feature sets that support CME include:

    FEATURE SET Flash file name prefix
    ADVANCED ENTERPRISE SERVICES c1700-adventerprisek9-mz
    ADVANCED IP SERVICES c1700-advipservicesk9-mz
    ENTERPRISE SERVICES c1700-entservicesk9-mz
    ENTERPRISE SERVICES W/O CRYPTO c1700-entservices-mz
    IP VOICE c1700-ipvoicek9-mz
    IP VOICE W/O CRYPTO c1700-ipvoice-mz
    IP/ADSL/VOX PLUS c1700-sv8y7-mz
    SP SERVICES c1700-spservicesk9-mz

    If the 1760 has a PVDM it can support VIC cards. The PVDM is not required to support just CME. You can add a PVDM if the 1760 you end up with doesn't have one.
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