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What is being referred to by the word Socket? For instance, the VCP Exam Cram book says the following:

"If you have a single core, dual socket system without hyperthreading, for example, you have two HECs. If you have have a single core, quad socket, you then have for HECs."

Does socket = physical CPU?



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    mattrgee wrote: »
    Does socket = physical CPU?

    You can think of it as that in this context. The socket is the physical part of the motherboard that the CPU interfaces with.

    CPU socket - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Yes, a socket is the physical socket that you install a physical CPU in.

    The introduction of multi-core CPUs really threw pricing for a loop for software packages that charged "per CPU" rather than "per machine," "per user/seat," or "per MHz." Server motherboards can have multiple sockets with each CPU installed having one or more cores. Software vendors therefore needed to re-price their products based on either "per socket" on the motherboard or "per core" installed in the machine. Obviously, "per socket" pricing is easier to control, because the number of cores in a machine could change at each reboot, while the number of sockets never changes (unless you swap the motherboard).
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    Gotcha, I was convinced it was more complicated!

    Thanks for the help.

    Having read some very dry Cisco books recently, the VCP Exam Cram by Elias Khnaser is a refreshing change for anyone looking for a good text.
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    mattrgee wrote:
    the VCP Exam Cram by Elias Khnaser is a refreshing change for anyone looking for a good text.

    Couldn't agree more, really enjoying this book myself.
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