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Alright I have had my CCNA for a couple of months now and I finally have gotten an email response for a job opening. To make a long story short the job posting was looking for a CCNP / CCDP with 5+ years experience, but I guess since I work for the company already that gives me a spec of hope. But anyways they sent me a questionnaire consisting of 10 questions and 9 out of the 10 I can answer pretty easily but there is one question that is giving me a hard time:

Describe a large network design and implementation project that you have championed/implemented?

Seems pretty straight forward, but guess what? I have never implemented a large network. So, the question is how would I go about answering this question? I don't plan on lying, but should I just go ahead and say I have never designed a large network, but this is what I know about it...... I know the company already uses EIGRP, BGP, frame relay, MPLS. Also, today is Saturday and this email was sent to me Friday morning. I am going to pull an all nighter on network design, but how long do you think I should wait before responding to the email? I know this job is a little bit of a long shot, but it feels good to finally just get some type of response.


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    Well, if you already work for them, they probably already have a good idea of what you've done on the network side, they just need to look at the resume you submitted.

    Just tell the truth, but I'd elaborate on what you've learned of the companies network design to show that while you may never have implemented one, you're aware of their implementation and can work within it.
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