BSCI challenge labs, CCNP 1 book & Lab porfolio

accelyaccely Member Posts: 101
howdy all!

I'm just about finished with the Cisco Press CCNP 1 Advanced Routing lab book and I must say it's a really great feeling completing the challenge labs without any help.

Only have the BGP portion left in this book then I'm going through the CCNP BSCI Lab portfolio also by Cisco Press, which will hit multicast and IPv6 which the CCNP 1 book doesn't do.

My only complaint is that there are alot of type-o's in the book, IP addresses labeled wrong or routers named wrong, it's kind of annoying. Do you think they intentionally made the errors to make us have to think more? I just can't believe they would have this many errors.

But anyway, I think my 2nd attempt at the BSCI will definitely be a success. I built my home lab after my first attempt.

Progress: CCIE RS Lab scheduled for Jan. 2012
Equipment: Cisco 360 program racks


  • Forsaken_GAForsaken_GA Member Posts: 4,024
    Some Cisco Press books are edited better than others. I've seen more than a few with typos in them and things that make me go 'wait, what?' (Found one in the BSCI self study guide earlier when they said bgp uses protocol 179, when they obviously meant port)

    And yeah, there's really no substitution for getting hands on with BSCI. It's one thing to read about it, and another thing entirely to try and implement what you've and then figure out wtf the problem is when it doesn't work like the book said it should :)
  • gorebrushgorebrush Member Posts: 2,741
    I have been working through the BCMSN lab portfolio and have spotted a few errors, but nothing major however.
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