pass exam 70-271 quickly

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Hi guys i am new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could give me some information on how to pass the exam 70-271 asap, i am currently working as a ict technition so allready know a few things just realy want to get cirtified so to speek,anyone know of a quick way of learning what i need to know for the exam?

cheers john


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    Umm, havent done this test, but if you wanted this out of the way in a tearing hurry, take a couple of Transcender (or any other legit) tests and see how much your above the water. Sign up for Second Shot just in case your unable to wing it. Nothing like learning the material first and then taking the test, though.
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    Watch the videos at on the subjects and practice in Virtual PC.

    Buy a copy of Trancender and work through the questions reading up on things you dont get at Safari books.

    Best of luck!
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