Passed A+ HW and OS

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Passed HW with a 579 and OS with a 550. OS test was a killer. I didn't feel real confident when I hit the Exam Finished button. I used Prep Logic's Exam Cram and A+ for Dummies, not to mention countless web sites, forums, and whatever else I could get my hands on. These books only covered about 50% of the questions asked. The rest I had to figure out by process of elimination. Rather nerve racking, to say the least. I was very surprised at the depth of some of the questions. Many of the questions referenced items that I had never heard of in all the studying I have done preparing for this test. A LOT on NT. I would suggest that if you finish the test before the alloted time is up, go back to question 1 and review ALL your answers. I found a couple that I had marked incorrectly. Use the whole hour and a half to your advantage. Good luck!!


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