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Has anyone set Vonage up at home? I have it all set up in my house, right down to the last phone. But they seem to be taking their time to activate the service. The customer service is really slow in responding to emails. They want to contact you by phone.......I canceled mine last week and it stopped working Mon the 9th...urrrgggggg!!!!!
Anyone else take the VoIP plunge?



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    TheCiscoKidTheCiscoKid Member Posts: 23 ■□□□□□□□□□
    It was activated a little before 5PM eastern. I have to say the voice quality is pretty good. I have Comcast for an ISP and they just finished a network upgrade in my area within the past year. So I think it will vary from ISP to ISP as far as voice quality goes.

    Much cheaper than my previous phone service, Verizon. Thirty two dollars and change per month for unlimited local and North American long distance. International calls are extra three to four cents per minuet depending on where you are calling,
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    cellophanecorecellophanecore Member Posts: 42 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I had pretty good success with it. I think now they are getting so many customers the customer service is becoming poor.
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