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Hi there. This is my first post on this forum though I’ve been reading it since I started my adventure with certifications.
I have just finished writing my resume and I want to ask you guys for your opinion before I post it.

These are some important facts about me:

- I’m Polish, looking for an IT job in the UK, so English is my second language (that’s why I put Nationality on my resume)

- This would be my first serious job in IT so I don’t have any professional experience (lots of work involving fixing PC’s for friends and some web design experience)

- I studied for 3.5 years (Sociology – my BIG mistake) in Poland before I moved but I don’t have a degree (so I didn’t include it in my resume)

- After moving to England in 2007 I was employed full time as a cashier/supervisor in a small chain of restaurants so basically I handled money and people’s complaints. It developed my soft skills but I didn’t include this job in my resume

-I would like to work with Networks and get my CCDE one day:)

If you think that it sucks just tell me about it. Any constructive criticism is much appreciated. Cheers
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    It sucks.

    Hehe. Just kidding. icon_lol.gif

    I actually like the layout. Similar to mine, except I don't have an objective and profile section.
  • djhss68djhss68 Member Posts: 205
    One thing though. I would not list certifications as "Education". Certs are only meant to validate your skills and knowledge (education). They should be listed under "Technical Certifications". And if you have college education, even with no earned degree, list that under "Education".
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    The only thing I would change was already mentioned. List the certs under "certifications" or what have you instead of education.
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    So it is not bad :) I will do something with that education section. Thanks for advice.
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