Are Microsoft Press Books a Waste Of Time?

finkle636finkle636 Member Posts: 44 ■■□□□□□□□□
Twice now i've used these as my first study material and have showed no improvement.

I do a measure up test as a baseline BEFORE i start revisionI

I then read the MS press books and retake the measure up test.

Both with this 70-271 and the 70-270 books, Neither of them improve my score, also the question specifics on the measure up tests arnt covered bu the press books?, what gives?


  • someehsomeeh Member Posts: 143
    I've used the MS books and they help me out a great deal. If you are just using that 1 resource for study material, you will need another. It is good to have 2 or even 3 resources to help you with exams.
  • JordusJordus Banned Posts: 336
    I think for the majority of tests the MS press alone is a fine resource.

    Remember that just because its by MS Press doesnt mean its the same as any other MS Press. There are a multitude of different writers for different topics and this is what makes or breaks the book.

    The guys that wrote the Vista 620 book, bless their heart, did a pretty terrible job. The chapters were 50-80 pages long and every single chapter repeated itself atleast 3 full times, so instead of 800 pages the book should have come in around 2-300.

    On the other hand, Stanek writes some VERY good books, but they are occasionally hard to follow because dude knows his stuff and can get very technical/in depth.

    Ive passed 4 MS Exams to date, and every single one I only used the MS Press book except for the HyperV exam, bc there was no book available. Even still, i used available MS resources to study for that exam.
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