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Dear All,

Am currently struggling to find a job in London in IT (1st line support areas). I have my A+ my N+ and my MCDST but havent had much luck so far. I'll admit I am only two weeks in to the hunt so have not hit panic stations yet!

Basically I have been contacted by the Business Development Academy who are offering for vast sums of money to train me through MCSA MCSE CCNA MCITP and then guaraantee me a job around the 30,000 pound mark. Sounds great to me at the outset but I am starting to query the whole idea. Has anyone had any experience dealing with the company in the past or know how "guaranteed" their guarantee is as I have to start repaying what would be a sizeable loan three months after the last day of the course. My reservations are numerous at the moment but was just wondering if any of you out and about the place might know a bit more etc.




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    I don't have any experience with this or any other place like it, but it is a major rip off IMO. Why would you pay them all that money for something you can learn yourself? You probably will be in the same boat you are now in terms of finding a job afterwords. Its probably lack of experience holding you back rather than a lack of certifications.
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