Win7 "Easter Egg" ?

JordusJordus Senior MemberBanned Posts: 336
Some people may have already seen this.

But i was playing around with the new DISM tool in the beta WAIK, trying to get familiar with it for the Win7 Beta exam.

The windows 7 beta installer just installs Ultimate by default, doesnt even ask about another version. But i found this inside the install.wim.



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  • tierstentiersten was here. Member Posts: 4,505
    This doesn't really count as an easter egg in the traditional sense.

    As it is a beta, they'd want people to test everything and that means the ultimate version. They want the installation to be close to what a real one would be so they've included the various versions which share the files anyway.

    As Dynamik said, it is like Vista. The retail Vista disc can install everything apart from Enterprise.
  • JordusJordus Senior Member Banned Posts: 336
    I know Vista was like that.

    Its just odd that people were speculating as to what the SKUs would be after the Beta released and there they were the whole time (apart from enterprise)

    I never noticed cause i didnt mess with DISM until today.
  • tierstentiersten was here. Member Posts: 4,505
    It is using the old Vista name for business edition instead of the new/XP "professional" name for some reason. It makes sense that it would be missing Starter and Enterprise since they're OEM and VL only respectively.
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