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Hi I am preparing to take the exam for my MCP certification, when I was at the boot camp (trainingcamp), they're text books were out of date. For example, they were covering windows "Internet Connection Firewall" (ICF) when windows clearly uses windows firewall. An end result was that I failed due to an out-dated classroom (By one question I might add.)

My question is,

How up to date are these practise tests? And if I score perfect on these do you think I will do the same on the actual exam itself? Any information at all would be most helpful.



  • PaperclipPaperclip Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
    What books are these?

    How did they use the books, were those just to read before you got there? I would find it surprising for a boot camp to use books any more actively than that. There just isn't enough time to read.
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    I would get a computer with SP2, so you can practice. You can also go to MS site and view the exam objectives, that is a good way to see the current requirements.

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  • BherminghausBherminghaus Member Posts: 9 ■□□□□□□□□□
    So what about SP3? You don't think that microsoft has updated it's exams to SP3?

    And the books they were using were of powerpoint slideshows with all of the important information on the exams. However the books did seem out-dated. There were several questions on the exam not covered in the boot camp.
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    So what about SP3? You don't think that microsoft has updated it's exams to SP3?

    No. Plus, there weren't really any significant additions in SP3. It was more just a roll-up of updates.
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