taking the 70-270 exam soon

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I'm planning to take the 270 exam soon, within the month of may. over the past year i've been debating if i should attend class and spend 20k or study on my own. so my decision was to teach myself icon_study.gif. after studying on and off, i still feel like i dont really know much about it icon_scratch.gif, but when i try to do some of the lab exercise, it's pretty simple to me. microsoft has this deal with the second shot so i figure ill take advantage of that and just try out the exam to get a feel for it icon_thumright.gif. i have some basic knowlege in it already so i figure why not give it a shot. so im just finishing up on some studying on the subject im most weak at and the subject that are most important. i wish i nail it the first time! icon_cool.gif

ps- for all of you that recently passed the exam, let me know which subject you come across most so i can review that area also, thanks!


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