IT Security in Saint Louis?

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I am currently 40 years old and my work background consists of working in factories until I landed a great paying job with a company who was contracted with Chrysler.

I am one of the unfortunates who was laid off from work due to a plant closing. Since 6/2008 I have been attending class to achieve my certifications in:

MCP, A+, MCSA, CCNA, Security +, and Network +

And I will have them all in 9/2009. My overall goal is to start a career in Network Security. My question is very basic. With the certifications listed above should I start on background experience in IT first and seek out employment with Help Desk? Or should I be focusing on what is related in some way to IT security?

Any advice would be VERY much appreciated. Thank you.



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    Usually IT security guys are technical experts, who have been there and done the technical work (you have to know what you are securing). I landed in information security with a Bsc and not a strong technical background. Once in there I realized that I had a big technical background hole that needed to be filled. Luckily people around me are very cooperative and gave me time to learn and provided a lot of help.

    So the point is that if you can, then do obtain a tech job and then you can always move on to security later, even a 1-2 years in technical support should provide a good technical base.
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