CompTIA logos on Resume?

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CompTIA logos on Resume?

I have a resume class in college and the professor suggested rather then listing the certs i have in text to add the logo, I did not concur because I believe I read on a forum here once that makes it look cheesy.

Any and all thoughts on this is much appreciated.
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    i say put it on there b/c it catches their eye and they instantly know. also it doesn't require them to read your entire resume to find out that your certified..

    most importantly make sure your resume is easy on the eyes and straight forward listing objective(this limits the types of jobs and must constantly be changed to fit any job you send resume to) or a summary( a overview of your knowledge, skill, and experience--most importantly it has to be brief remember overview), skills and education, then professional experience and i have been told alot never to put "references or references upon resquest" if they want them they will ask for them

    if you ask why i say this is b/c i recruit techs myself and i get alot of calls based on my resume
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