Knowing which MCSE track to follow

I know there are multiple MCSE tracks one can go down, and I'm still researching all this and deciding what I want to do. I'm not looking for any "special challenges" within this cert; I just want a basic path to follow to get to the end. If one track takes less time than the others, that's also going to be a factor, as (for reasons I don't want to get into) time is also going to play a big part with me pursuing this. Not that I'm in a rush. I'm going to be intensely studying once I begin to get 'er done.

I might also add that part of the allure of the MCSE is that I like dealing with people, and being able to help out folks directly with their issues as possibly a jr. admin. is good for me, as opposed to networking, where you can just sit in a cubicle all day, live in a telnet terminal, then go home at the end of your shift (pretty much). I don't know if some MCSE tracks tend to have you interact with people more than others, but that would be the one I would be most interested in. I do hope that I'm right in this assumption.



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    Hey bro,

    I'm an MCSE and like Microsoft stuff alot. But the Cisco stuff is tougher and more "real" to me than the MS stuff. You can "wing" your way around an MMC or Active Directory, but not a router command line.

    If you know networking backwards and forwards you are solid and have something that some bright schmuck can't waltz in and replace you doing. I would suggest you get your MSCE but then get your CCNA/CCNP. Employers LOVE people who have both.
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    Certainly go for the MCSE then the CCNA. After that, if you still have any energy left, you can specialize in something else, depending on how you want your career to pan out.
    Whatever you choose, the days of techs sitting alone in a server room are generally over - you need to deal with people and have good communications skills in every area of IT, whether talking to external customers or attending the never-ending meetings with managers and peers, so any 'dealing with people' skills that you have will not be wasted.
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